Bellett model updates & corresponding chassis numbers
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Author:  dave [ Mon Dec 14, 2009 12:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Bellett model updates & corresponding chassis numbers

Gauging the year of particular Isuzu Bellett examples has always been hard; there are few records that are available showing what models, updates and builds occurred when.

This list has been compiled from a list held by United Holden, who were the official parts suppliers to the Bellett in South Australia after Isuzu ceased trading.

PR91 Brett also has a list from another source which cross checks 95% correct to this list, but with further info after this list ends, as well as Bellett GT information.

Interestingly, Brett's list shows only two major discrepancies; the commencement date of the 1965 model (stating February 1965 rather than September 1964) and the first chassis number of the 1965 model (401973 rather than 401933).

The consensus has been that this Build Commencement date is probably more accurate, as it's more likely for Isuzu to build 28,030 cars in one entire year (September 1964 to September 1965) than in seven months (February 1965 to September 1965).

As for the discrepancy in the first 1965-model chassis number, this can only be put down to a typo or poor handwriting somewhere and may never be solved, however as the numbers are only 40 units out, it is probably of low relevance.

Other than that, the listings are so similar that even the engine number for the 1965.5 model is missing on both examples, indicating the same initial source somewhere back in history.

Gradually we hope to build this up as a knowledge base, as info comes to hand.

Models that are colloquially known as the "1966-and-a-half" have been illustrated here as "1966.5" and while that particular update is well known to Bellett enthusiasts as it occurred during the vehicle's peak popularity in Australia, there appears to have been more than one update.

Model Year - Build Commencement - Chassis Number - Engine Number
1965------- September_1964------- 4014933--------- 312683
1966------- September_1965------- 4042963--------- 337370
1966.5----- February___1966------- 4057197--------- 347122
1967------- August____1966------- 4068769--------- 358216
------------ November__1967------- 4093588--------- <first late-windscreen vehicle>
1968.5----- May_______1968------- 4102647--------- 401895
1969.5----- January____1969------- 4111534--------- unknown
1970------- August____1969------- 4120013--------- 423733

Sorry this doesn't look well sorted. It was formatted perfectly until I submitted it. Will work on clarity when I can.

Although not in the timeline provided, included is the chassis number of the first vehicle to have been built with the late windscreen shape, just to help provide a permanent home for that information.

This is in a locked section of the website, however the matter is open for discussion under "General Bellett Chat":




PS - Apologies - the date for the first new-windscreen vehicle was November 1967 not November 1966 as originally posted.

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