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1968 Isuzu Bellett 1969 range brochure - Finnish - 4 panels 
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Hey guys,

Here's a strange one taken straight out of Finland and onto your computer screen! Via Australia, of course.

The brochure is dated 2/68, so I would assume February 1968, although all the cars appear to be 1969-spec cars, with the black grille and flat tail lights, but no side vents.

Unlike a lot of international brochures that appear to have been put together by Isuzu, this one seems to have been made up of local and stock photos put together by the Finnish distributors of the Bellett, "Suomen Koneliike".

First up is the cover, which hilariously appears to have been made up of a photo of a Bellett sedan that is clearly just owned by someone; it's got some random unknown fitment on the side above the rear wheel arch, while the c-pillar seems to include a decal of a flower. Unlike most brochure pics, the tyres are a big grubby too! Oh yeah and there's some random chick in sunglasses grabbing the drip rail.

Hey, at least they ran with the standard "Isuzu" and "Bellett" brochure font, rather than just making it up as they went along like the Aussies.

01 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg
01 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg [ 208.91 KiB | Viewed 8592 times ]

Page two and here's where things get really interesting!

Firstly, the pics of the Bellett sedans are both Deluxe models... and while one appears to be LHD, it's CLEARLY a RHD car with the reverse "Bellett" badge crudely photoshopped off the side of the car. Likewise the 1500 badge normally found on the grille.

I've managed to interpret the Finnish write up about the car... Google Translate, I love you, but if ONLY it was this easy with the Japanese!

The information next to the red "LHD" non-LHD car states:

"Youthful - timelessly beautiful! Japan kind of the Format at its best! And what's driving characteristics! Give it a try - compare the - everything you need can be found accurately from real seats."

"Bellet is easy to drive! The sturdy body and chassis structure, precise and fast rack and pinion steering, fully synchronized transmission, vibration-free motor with five main bearings, ideal for the rear axle assembly, etc., etc., are things, all of which are found only in one Isuzu Bellet! They are Isuzu's engineers and technicians designed and built just for your safety and pleasantness of your favor!"

"Isuzu Bellet - the perfect class!"

Across the middle it says: "ISUZU BELLETT - SOLID JAPANESE"

The bottom features another Bellett Deluxe, although this time they've made no attempt to hide it's RHD origins. Across on the left, the brochure features a soundbite from Pertti Kärhä who went on to compete in a couple of different Isuzu Bellett GTs in Finland.

Pertti says:

"The family car, a sports car with the performance of" --------- <that's all it said on that line - that's how it got interpreted...>

"Isuzua have not been disposable. It need not be a contest between touch and up to the standard suspension is enough rally driving. Isuzuni its rally to rally properly. Quality Counts. Man gets slower Isuzu. It does not have to 'run', only controlled. And if the car is koreempi, then it is ruined. My wife even likes Isuzusta." <I have no idea what koreempi means>

02 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg
02 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg [ 145.75 KiB | Viewed 8592 times ]

The next page is just as interesting.

The Bellett GT makes it's first appearance in the brochure, again not hiding it's RHD configuration. But how about that nice, red interior? That nice, red, SEDAN interior! Unless the LHD Bellett GT was fitted without the remote shifter and centre console of the regular RHD items, that looks like a Bellett Sport interior with tacho and extra gauges, plus the radio and clock under the dash.

Sure, perhaps it's SUPPOSED to be for the car below, which is actually a Bellett Sport... which I didn't think they made in LHD anyway. Because I'm pretty sure they didn't; if you look closely at the dashboard, the gauges and wiper switches are BACKWARDS!!!! It night not be obvious on the scan on the site, but on the original scan, I have confirmed it! The piano-style wiper switches feature a diagram of the wiper blades across the right side of each switch, but on this they are on the left! Those crazy Finnish Isuzu dealers!

They have included a write up on the Bellett GT and the Bellett Sport. Needless to say, I typed every letter into Google Translate (I did; it was a pain) and this is what we got:

"Isuzu Bellet 1600 GT is a sporty, luxurious, excellent in performance having the car, the body is reflected in the characteristics of speed and elegance. Car interior and seats have been designed to satisfy the most demanding users. A full equipment does not leave anyone to be desired."

"Isuzu Bellet 1600 Sport a sporty version of the standard model.
In both of these models 1600-1584cm is a motor which is provided with two SU carburetors. The engine power is 93 hp maximum torque of 13.0 kpm/4200 rpm. mins."

03 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg
03 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg [ 143.22 KiB | Viewed 8592 times ]

The back page is the specs sheet which is clearly not an Isuzu-sourced item given the size and font; the Isuzu items always include the little specs diagrams.

Across the bottom in large writing is:

Suomen Koneliike

Well, that reads:

Finnish Machine Business


04 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg
04 - Bellett range - Finnish.jpg [ 170.27 KiB | Viewed 8592 times ]

I hope you enjoyed that one; it was a lot more entertaining that the daggy front cover photo would suggest; the Finnish put together their brochures using any means necessary; random customer cars (seemingly), flipped RHD photos and doctored interior shots! It's a great one!

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Wed Apr 24, 2013 2:40 pm
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dave the best photo .....then again i am biased ..ah blue ..its odd tho it has the stainless in between the doors ...not a deluxe ..maybee just had some spare and screwed them on ...looks like bird poo where the 1500 badge should be on back (is it dogleg ) cheers davo

Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:47 pm

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Isuzu did make 2 door Left Hand Drive [LHD] from 1966. None made for Aus.and NZ. They did make different models for
different countries. Finland was regarded as a frigid zone. The engine was modified to suit the driving conditions. Most
likely a hot air intake off of exhaust manifold to the airhorn of air filter. My parts book only goes up to square tail lamps.
If someone has a later version on the strip tail lamp model, the interior colour chart may confirm what went into each
model. I was told emphatically at the Nationals in "COONA" in 2011 that Isuzu never specifically made cars for Aus.
The book confirms that Isuzu made cars for different countries and only certain models were made for a particular
country. Aus.and NZ. is one of these countries. Finland may have asked for a model range that had specific items
on it that may be different from the 'norm'. of production. I really don't know. One can only speculate at what was
the real outcome. I have noticed that Isuzu themselves use RHD. pics. in reverse on their brochures.
Good work on the translation exercise. You must have plenty of patience. Is there anywhere stating where it was


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Thu Apr 25, 2013 12:48 pm

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I think that colour is 'Polynesian Blue'. Ross Smith's is that colour. My white sedan used to be that colour.
Isuzu stopped putting the '1500' on the 'c' pillar on the strip tail lamp models. Have not seen a brochure or vehicle
of that model with it in that area. The only indication of what the engine size is the badge on the grille. The
rectangular white 'thing' on the 1/4 panel could be a reflector put on by the owner. Visibility of a vehicle in all kinds
of weather conditions is essential. Have also noticed the mudflaps on rear. May be a owner 'addon' or standard.
Now you've got me doing some more research. Too late now. Do it tomorrow.


I'm the Dave with the convertible.

Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:06 pm
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Heya Dave,

Regarding Isuzu using RHD cars for LHD markets and flipping the photos, I have to call you on that one!

This brochure: viewtopic.php?f=51&t=55 - doesn't say what market it is for, but is LHD. There's no reference to Canada or elsewhere and the brochure was made in japan, but the cars used are DEFINITELY left-hand-drive.

Teardop-Bellett brochures were of incredible quality!

Also this brochure, which was created for Canada's CMI specifically, but printed in Japan, shows a LHD Bellett GT. Weirdly, as you'll see in that thread, the cover shot was of a LHD GT...that then got FLIPPED for a RHD brochure!!!!

The interior definitely shows a LHD Bellett GT dashboard too!

You're right about that reflector though... that's probably a good reason to have one given the winter weather conditions in Finland! The mudflaps would almost have to be mandatory there too!

Humph; if only they put the same effort into their LHD Florian brochures!!! (see here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=2341)



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Thu Apr 25, 2013 1:46 pm
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Ookay, Here's comes the real translation of the texts, though I am not translator (in matter of fact, I am Software engineer, more than 6 years younger than any bellett :P) I think I can make more out of the text than google translator, but here goes: :)
First box on first page
Youthful - timeless beauty! japanese design at it's best! Handling looking for competition! Test it - Compare it - Everything you'll need for controlling is found from right spots.
Bellett is easy to drive! Rigid bodyworks and chassis, exact and fast rack bar steering, fully syncronized gearbox, non-vibrating five bearing engine, perfect rear axle construction, etc, etc. are unique features of Isuzu Bellett. All of these are designed and built by Isuzu engineers and mechanics for your safety and enjoyment!
ISUZU Bellett - The Most Perfect in it's class!

Second box, first page:
Pentti "Konsta" Kärhä (2nd in finnish Rally Championships in 1968.) comments Isuzu:
"Isuzu isn't made for single rally use. It is not nessessary to fix it between the rallies and It's standard suspension is adequate even for rally use. My Isuzu works for the all rallies without any complaints what so ever. Quality makes the difference. Even slower men makes the time with Isuzu. It does not need constant "driving", steering is enough. And if car has more details, it is ruined. Even my wife likes Isuzu."

..this one was bit hard translate as Konsta uses some finnish dialect and phrases that do not have english comparable meaning. However, Konsta did drive most of the his career with Isuzus and you must remember that Rallies like 1000 Lakes Rally and Artic Lapland Rally were part of the finnish rally championships in the 60's. No wonder that Belletts were quite popular here.

okay, second page, the only box:
ISUZU Bellett 1600GT is Sporty, luxurious car, which has excelent performance. The bodyworks expresses speed and style. Interior and seats are designed to satisfy even most demanding driver. Same stands for the standard equipment, which leaves nothing to hope for.
ISUZU Bellett Sport is sportier version of Stardard model. Both 1600 models are equipped with 1584cc engine with two SU carburators. Maximum peak output power is 93 (SAE) hp at 5400 rpm. Biggest torque is 13.0kgm at 4200 rpm.

Top speed about 160kph
Disc brakes in Front, Cooled drum brakes in the rear.

...and yes, Bellett Sport was part of finnish import program. Don't know exact sales figures but it did sell more than the GT. (And everyone here probably knows about the GTRs which were built here in 1969 by importer. They simply ordered all homologated GTR specialities as parts for 4 cars and took the old Rally team GTs replacing everything making them as GT Type Rs. Not sure if finland has all ever made left hand drive GTRs ever made, but afaik there's (or has been.) at least 7 GTRs in the country (4 made here and 3 more ordered later. afaik, 3 latter ones were ordered straight for the competition use.)

So, next page is just the spec sheet.
The Headings are (from up to down, from left to right)
- Engine
- Clutch
- Gearbox and ratios
- Liquid displacements
- Steering
- Brakes
- Tyres and wheels
- Suspension
- Electric system
- Body
- Measuments
- Standard Equipment

Sat Oct 26, 2013 8:22 pm
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